"I would welcome a call from you. We may only speak by phone a couple of times or, who knows, we could have a five year association. Either way I’d love to hear from you. I relish a challenge, so please let me know how I can help."



"Gleneagles would not be what it is today without his style, talents and professionalism."

/  Peter Lederer  /


I first met Alan in early 1984 when he was Executive Chef at our then sister hotel, The Caledonian, Edinburgh. His talents both culinary and commercial were clear in these early years where he worked with Dermot Fitzpatrick, the General Manager. When the Company was broken up in 1986, Alan was tempted by opportunities in Spain and then Maitre Chef de Cuisine of The Savoy Grill.

When looking for our new Chef at Gleneagles, there was only one man I wanted on the team. Alan agreed to return to Scotland much to the annoyance of The Savoy (Willy Bauer the M.D. still gives me a hard time and says I owe him a transfer fee!!) As Chef, Alan’s reputation continued to build, not only as an innovator and culinary professional but as a key team player and mentor. There are Chef’s and F&B Directors around the world who owe a great deal to Alan’s patience, direction and coaching.

When I asked Alan to think about changing out of his whites into a suit it was a huge decision for someone so respected as a Chef by his peers. Alan thought long and hard about such a big change in direction but made the decision and has never looked back. 

I am proud to have been a colleague for over 30 years. I have huge admiration and respect for everything Alan has achieved. He is one of the most respected people in the industry - rightly so.

Gleneagles would not be what it is today without his style, talents and professionalism.


Peter Lederer CBE.

"We have benefited from Alan's insight into what drives business for good restaurants."

/  Billy Bell Birse-Stewart  /


I have worked with Alan on a professional basis for over 20 years, in our capacity of wine suppliers to Gleneagles Hotel. During this time Alan has helped me develop our own business model through meeting challenging and interesting requirements for service, standards and quality of product. 

We have benefited from Alan's insight into what drives business for good restaurants which require a balance of traditional and cutting edge wines to excite customers and staff. Alan's innovative approach led to us developing a superb tasting concept, unrivalled by any other in the UK.

The concept was that alongside a magnificent selection of the World's best wines, Gleneagles chefs would prepare an outstanding selection of delectable tasting dishes for our discerning customers to sample.  This opportunity of live matching of foods and wines is unique on this scale and biannually our professional trade customers are treated to this amazing event, conceptualised by Alan. 

In Conclusion I would add that Alan is a true professional in every way and perceives how to add value in all areas of hospitality. He will go out of his way to help those willing to heed his advice and learn from his vast experience.

Billy Bell Birse-Stewart.